Chris Jones

Advisory Systems Engineer with Nutanix, virtualisation guy, coder, automation junkie and fan of the Hawthorn Football Club.
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

  1. Determining SQL Server Maximum Memory

    Most of my time in the last couple of months at Nutanix has been consumed in testing and understanding Microsoft SQL Server running in different configurations on the Nutanix platform. A lot of these learnings have gone into the recently updated version of the Nutanix Best Practice Guide for SQL Server. Continue reading..

  2. Nutanix Xtract 2.0.3 Released - Features and Updates

    Nutanix Xtract launched in October 2017 as a tool to provide Nutanix customers with a simple and granular method to onboard existing workloads to on-premises Nutanix clusters running AHV. Xtract delivers ease and speed in which migrations are completed, and reduces the time taken to onboard workloads. Continue reading..

  3. Nutanix AOS 5.6 Released - Features and Updates

    In what has been a very short five months since AOS 5.5 was released to the wild, today Nutanix has announced the general availability of the next major version of their Acropolis Operating System – AOS 5.6. This release is packed with new features and enhancements that further strengthens Nutanix position as the market leader in hyperconverged systems. Continue reading..